By Michèle

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By Michèle is a family startup in the field of chocolate making

Michèle Jehay is above all a person who is passionate about chocolate.

She is constantly looking for new ways and recipes to make you discover this product in all its forms, from the original chocolate bars, to the pralines, the beggars, and all the delicacies that even your imagination can not envision.

Take the time to come and taste these creations, for the pleasure of your senses.

You will always be welcomed with a smile and the good mood that characterizes it:

By Michèle, with the experience of Christophe Prunier creations:

  • Develops and provides quality products.
  • Create customized products for your ceremonies.
  • Offers you a maximum guarantee on the origins of the products that is used.
  • Carefully selects suppliers who adhere and respect the human rights, labor rights and the environment.


By Michèle S.P.R.L.

Rue de la limite 218,
4040 Herstal
Tel: +32 (0)4 287 82 76
Facebook : by michèle
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